Rehabilitation robot



The research of rehabilitation robot integrates a wide range of fields including the rehabilitation medicine, biomechanics, mechanics, mechanics of machinery, electronics, materials science, computer science and robotics,etc. Rehabilitation robot has been widely used in rehabilitation care, robot prostheses, rehabilitation wheel chairs, exoskeleton power devices, etc. It is also a hot topic in the research field of robotics in the world.
In 2014, ROBO Medical cooperated with Professor Yuanfang Zheng , who is the professor of Rehabilitation Robotics Research Center, the Ohio State University in USA and the  vice chairman of IEEE Robotics and Automation Society, exploring the field of rehabilitation robotics. Prof. Zheng was also hired as the agency consultant of ROBO Medical. 
ROBO Medical launched the research of rehabilitation robotics independently in 2016, and a number of national experts and international professionals conducted the program as the technical advisers of ROBO. Our first generation rehabilitation robot possess great innovation and application value in terms of concept and design. It also makes a preliminary breakthrough in the development process.