The First World Medical Robotics Conference

The first World Medical Robotics Conference, hosted by Medical Robotics Society (MRS) and organized by ROBO Health Institute, was held in Shenzhen on Oct 29th -30th, 2016. The event was chaired by Yangsheng Xu, dean of Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen. The conference was jointly hosted by Hannes Bleuler, Director of Robotics Laboratory at Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland and Lining Sun, Director of ROBO Health Institute.

Medical robotics are becoming more and more important in the medical industry. The conference focused on scientific research in clinical applications and industrialization of medical robots. Many clinical experts, business leaders, and famous researchers were invited. Other important topics that were discussed during the conference included surgical robots, rehabilitation robots, artificial intelligence, etc.

The conference also live broadcasted a surgical operation operated by medical robots. This surgical operation was operated by Dr. Huangjian, the chairman of Chinese Urology Medical Association and Director of Urology in Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hospital. After the surgery, the speaker and guests visited the National Gene Bank which was opened in September 2016.