Li Jianan visit ROBO and carry out academic exchange

On the morning of October 7, 2016, Professor Li Jianan, President of The International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (ISPRM), American Academy of National Academy of Medical Sciences,  made a special trip to "ROBO Master Class", to deliver a academic report entitled "medical movement mechanism of human walking and analysis method of" , after the end of the report , A round table discussion of the development trend of the new generation of power assisted walking rehabilitation robot product is made between the Live audience .
Academician Li believes that the in-depth understanding of the mechanism of human walking is a necessary condition for the development of excellent power assisted walking rehabilitation robot products. Li first pointed out that the rehabilitation robot can only imitate the human walking motion, but not imitate human gait, the gait is a behavior of walking action,and robots are unable to walk out of the human gait. Then from the view of anatomy Academician Li introduced the walking mechanism of the human body, described the the status and function of the hip, knee and ankle joint and corresponding muscle group in the gait cycle of a normal adults, and introduced the methodology of data collection and analysis of the kinematics and dynamics characteristics of human walking gait by means of modern science and technology.
After the end of the report, academician Li and the audience discussed the development trend of the new generation of power assisted walking rehabilitation robot product. Li pointed out hat the typical rehabilitation robot products, which already on the market , such as Switzerland rehabilitation training robot Lokomat, Israel’s exoskeleton robot Rewalk, the product structure and control is too complex and the cost is relatively high; in the future, the lightweight low cost new generation of power assisted walking rehabilitation robot,which for individual users, will be more market competitive and have more applications.
After the end of the event, academician Li signed a cooperation agreement with RHI (ROBO Healthy Institute), and was hired as the chief scientist of the RHI rehabilitation project. It is reported that academician Li Jian will also attend the meeting of the 2016 World Medical Robotics Conference, which held in Shenzhen China on October 29th/30th , and communication with more participants about the rehabilitation robot communication industry.